The New Tenets of Digital Marketing #4: Restoring the Greater Function of Marketing
Ashna Shah
Sr. Director of Strategy


Three Ways Brands Can Bridge The AI Opportunity Gap

Moving from an assistive solution to an autonomous one is the first step in bridging the AI opportunity gap.


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Winning the Battle for the Digital-First Consumer

Rockland Trust Bank and their agency Mediastruction share results of their digital transformation and how autonomous AI creates competitive advantage.

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Forrester Webinar: Harnessing AI’s Potential

Forrester Analyst, Joe Stanhope discusses how marketers are missing out on AI’s potential as well as what marketers can do to harness AI’s power.

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How Will Marketers and Machines Collaborate?

The shift from operating technology to collaborating with it requires trust. But marketers who make the leap find they can effectively collaborate and add more value to their organizations.

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New Study Finds That 88% of Marketers Are Using Artificial Intelligence; Yet Many Marketers Still Don’t Feel Very Well Supported by Their Technology

Though adoption of AI has increased from 43% in 2016 to 88% in 2019, the benefits to marketers vary according to both the type of AI they have adopted and their application of AI in their marketing programs.

Albert Expands Offering to Brands and Agencies with Key U.S. Hire

Artificial intelligence company hires Jasmine Presson, former Managing Partner at MediaCom, to build Its strategic services offering.


Forrester Report: Start Designing The Future Human-Machine Workplace Now

Forrester is recommending CIO’s start thinking about what it means for humans to work alongside AI, but marketing leaders need to be thinking about this too.